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turkish yogurt soup with chickpeas lebeniye corbasi
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Today we have an upgrade of the Turkish yogurt soup - Lebeniye soup! Yoghurt, mint butter, chickpeas AND kofta AND from the south-east, which is known for its great cuisine anyway - you better take a look.
chickpea stew turkish
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Today we are once again serving up good Turkish home cooking. Our Turkish-style chickpea stew is easy to prepare and is real comfort food for body and soul.

ezogelin soup recipe
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Do you fancy a dramatic story and an incredibly tasty soup? Then be sure to check out our ezogelin soup recipe.
turkish yogurt soup with manti
soups & stews · 10. December 2023
Manti soup meets yogurt soup. The result is a rich, creamy yogurt soup with manti and chickpeas.

turkish lentil soup
soups & stews · 09. December 2023
This Turkish lentil soup is a classic in Turkey. Because the lentil soup here is different to the Turkish lentil soup in Germany. We'll show you the difference!