soups & stews

taze fasulye recipe green beans turkish style
soups & stews · 18. December 2023
This Taze Fasulye recipe is another great example of few ingredients and lots of flavor in Turkish cuisine. Take a look at our recipe for Turkish-style green beans without meat.
broccoli recipe turkish
soups & stews · 13. December 2023
Broccoli and simple ingredients - this broccoli recipe is typically Turkish, simple and really tasty! Take a look at our Turkish broccoli recipe!

turkish leek recipe
soups & stews · 12. December 2023
Today we have a delicious recipe that is ready in 30 minutes. This Turkish leek recipe is typically Turkish and produces a lot of flavor with just a few ingredients!
turkish meat dishes yahni recipe
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
This delicious ragout recipe tastes particularly good thanks to the many shallots, garlic and butter. In addition to the Sogan Yahni recipe, you can also find out more about the most important basic ingredient in Turkish cuisine - salca. Take a look and leave us a comment.

zucchini stew with rice
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
We have a quick, easy and, above all, delicious zucchini dish for you! This Turkish-style zucchini stew comes with typical Turkish ingredients as well as rice to make it heartier and dill for a flavor kick. Take a look!
turkish yogurt soup with chickpeas lebeniye corbasi
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Today we have an upgrade of the Turkish yogurt soup - Lebeniye soup! Yoghurt, mint butter, chickpeas AND kofta AND from the south-east, which is known for its great cuisine anyway - you better take a look.

chickpea stew turkish
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Today we are once again serving up good Turkish home cooking. Our Turkish-style chickpea stew is easy to prepare and is real comfort food for body and soul.
ezogelin soup recipe
soups & stews · 11. December 2023
Do you fancy a dramatic story and an incredibly tasty soup? Then be sure to check out our ezogelin soup recipe.

turkish yogurt soup with manti
soups & stews · 10. December 2023
Manti soup meets yogurt soup. The result is a rich, creamy yogurt soup with manti and chickpeas.
turkish lentil soup
soups & stews · 09. December 2023
This Turkish lentil soup is a classic in Turkey. Because the lentil soup here is different to the Turkish lentil soup in Germany. We'll show you the difference!