About us

Hello and Merhaba,

nice to meet you!


We are a couple mid/late 20s born and raised in Austria, landed in a back alley of Istanbul between shoe factory, mini market, hairdresser, cats (...and chickens). That was at the beginning of 2020.


In March 2021, we launched our foodblog with Turkish recipes in German called "Alles Türkei" and started showing you the tastiest and best recipes that Turkish cuisine has to offer.


Since the beginning of 2022, we no longer live between shoe factories, street cats and chickens, but between skyscrapers, highways and huge parks. :-)


Well, and in December 2023 we decided to also launch our Turkish food blog in English. After we realized that there actually are just some Turkish food blogs in English we saw our chance: turkishfoodblog was born! So turkishfoodblog.net is the English equivalent to our German alles-tuerkei.com!


From Turkey blog to food blog

Originally, "Alles Türkei" was supposed to be a blog about stories and information about Turkey. Add a few typical Turkish recipes - and there you have our blog.


However, after a few posts about life in Turkey and many posts about Turkish cuisine, we realized that cooking, baking, recipes and food stories were a much better fit for our blog. Of course, this is not the first time we have cooked Turkish food...



What you can expect at turkishfoodblog

In all honesty and of course thinking far ahead: we would love to try out all the dishes from Istanbul to Van and offer you the largest collection of Turkish recipes online.


Have you eaten a dish on vacation in Turkey and are looking for the name? Or are you missing a dish from your old home country and can't find a recipe for it anywhere? Your grandma was Turkish and you miss the taste of that one comfort food she always had? We want to offer you THE database of Turkish recipes where you can find everything. This will of course take some time. But we're making an effort.


There are so many Turkish recipes, ranging from healthy, colorful Mediterranean recipes to hearty home cooking. So we don't just want to give you an insight into Turkish cuisine, we also want to present a variety of delicious recipes for every occasion. 


We strive to provide you not only with recipes, but also with more information about Turkish cuisine and the various foods. The good news is that you can find most of the ingredients in your nearest Turkish/Arab/Balkan supermarket, large supermarkets with ethnic food shelves, organic supermarkets or simply online. 


So you'll find a wide variety of Turkish recipes here - from starters to desserts. Admittedly, we also have the advantage of getting the best delicacies and the freshest fruit and vegetables directly from the market in Istanbul. So you do get a little taste of life in Turkey. 


Where do we find our recipes?

Part of turkish foodblog has Turkish roots, we lived together with our Turkish family and we now live together in Istanbul. Naturally, this brings together a lot of inspiration and recipes. We also like to delve into the depths of Turkish recipe sites. We work our way past the classic recipes and then end up with the original recipe for a particular dish from this one small Turkish village, which a farmer's wife has posted online with blurry pictures. In this way, we manage to introduce you to a variety of Turkish recipes. 


Sometimes we see foods at the market or in the Aktar (a store selling spices, legumes, grains, oils, teas, superfoods, dried fruit, etc.) that we are not familiar with. The rest of our inspiration comes from asking our mother (in-law) or looking online. 


How we cook (and eat)

Even though we focus on original Turkish recipes, our personal attitude to food and cooking naturally also plays a role. We like good food - sometimes it's healthy, sometimes less so. But then it varies, because we mostly eat healthy. And if you can pack more vitamins and fiber into a dish, then go for it.


Incidentally, we also have a bit of knowledge thanks to our interest and ongoing studies in nutritional science. That's why we often reduce the amount of fat in hearty dishes, for example. At the same time, however, we make sure that the recipe remains as Turkish as possible and that we don't change much.


We buy locally - and there's no other way. There is hardly any imported fruit in Turkey (fun fact: did you know that a lot of bananas are grown in Turkey?). 


We are delighted that you have found our blog. But we would be even happier if you tried out our sometimes elaborate, sometimes simple, but always delicious recipes. Just browse through our original Turkish dishes and tell us how they turned out for you.


Contact us at: office@alles-tuerkei.com