Turkish onion salad with sumac: the perfect side dish

turkish onion salad

In Turkey, people love onions...a lot! That's why they are often served raw in halves and quarters with various dishes. The onion is eaten raw, layer by layer. Of course, this is not for everyone. But unless you are sensitive, we definitely recommend it. Because raw onions with stews and meat dishes are really delicious. But there is also an alternative: Turkish onion salad with sumac!


Like many other well-known Turkish dishes, Turkish onion salad originates from the south of Turkey. It is perfect alongside meat dishes and a delicious side dish for barbecues. We ate the onion salad alongside kebab skewers made from minced meat. But best of all, this Turkish recipe is quick and easy to prepare. A few tears later, the onions are chopped and the salad is ready.

turkish onion salad

But as with almost every Turkish dish, there has to be a fine ingredient that provides the flavor kick. In this simple onion salad recipe, it is sumac. It is often used to add a popular sour note to Turkish dishes. It is also used as sumac extract in our sour stew with purslane.


The more sumac you use, the better the Turkish onion salad will be. If you leave it out, the onion salad will taste good but lack originality. The special thing about our onion salad recipe is that you wash the onions. This gives the Turkish onion salad a lighter taste and takes away any potential odd taste. Afiyet olsun!

Turkish onion salad recipe


  • 2 onions
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 1 tsp powdered beaver* or more depending on the desired spiciness
  • 1 tbsp sumac
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • a little parsley
  • salt
  • Pul biber as much as you can handle
turkish onion salad


Step 1: Peel and halve the onions. Now cut them into fine rings.

Step 2: Wash the onion rings by hand in a bowl of water. Put the onion rings in a sieve and leave to drain.

Step 3: While the onions are draining, put the olive oil, lemon juice, chopped parsley, sumac and pul biber in a bowl. Add the dry onions and mix everything together. Salt the Turkish onion salad before serving so it doesn't water.

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