Turkish rice pudding (Sütlac): one recipe, two variations

turkish rice pudding recipe

Rice pudding in its many variations is probably one of the most famous desserts in the world – and understandably so! Fresh milk, sugar and rice combined to make a creamy pudding dessert… What could possibly go wrong? Today we present our original recipe for the famous Turkish dessert sütlac (rice pudding). It has a wonderfully creamy consistency without any thickeners. Every spoonful is a delight - that's a promise.


You only need three ingredients, as our Turkish-style rice pudding recipe does not require cornflour, flour, rice flour or the like.


More so, there are two versions of the sütlaç recipe, which we don't want to withhold from you. They both taste in-cre-di-ble. 


What makes Turkish rice pudding sutlac special?

Original Turkish rice pudding is reminiscent of a creamy rice pudding, but without any added starch. The Sutlac gets his creamy texture from the rice. This achieved by boiling the milk for longer. Incidentally, Hamsiköy Sütlaçı from a village in the mountains on the Turkish Black Sea coast is famous for this. For this special baked rice pudding, the sutlac made from raw milk is boiled for several hours with just a little sugar.

turkish rice pudding recipe sutlac

The right rice for our Sutlac recipe

Of course, you don't have to run to the nearest store to get the perfect rice for our Turkish rice pudding recipe. Sütlac also works wonderfully with short grain rice or round grain rice. However, we use broken rice.


Broken rice tends to be used for animal feed in the West. In Turkey, however, you can buy broken rice as "kırık pirinc" in any store. This is the cheapest type of rice here and is preferably used for stuffed vine leaves or dolma (stuffed peppers, eggplants etc.). Or for sütlac, our creamy rice pudding. The broken grain, which releases a lot of starch, makes it ideal for the sutlac recipe. Creamy, with a certain bite in the rice and wonderfully sweet - this Sutlac recipe is guaranteed to succeed.


Do you prefer to enjoy your rice pudding from the oven and with a caramelized milk skin? Then typical Turkish clay bowls are a must! You can also use them to prepare many other dishes and even use them for serving. Alternatively, you can of course use soufflé dishes. 

turkish rice pudding recipe

 Turkish rice pudding: Sütlac recipe 


  • 120 grams or around 3/4 cup of rice
  • 1 liter/8 cups milk
  • 200 g/ 1 cup of sugar (or according to your taste, we sometimes even make the rice pudding without any sugar)


  • vanilla sugar
  • cinnamon


Step 1: Wash the rice and put it in a pot. 

Step 2: Add four glasses of water/800 milliliters of water and cook the rice over a low heat.

Don't forget to stir! 

Step 3: When the water has been absorbed and the rice is cooked, pour the milk into the pot.

Cook the rice pudding over a medium heat for 10 minutes.

Step 4: After 10 minutes, pour the sugar into the pot. Now let the rice pudding cook until creamy. This can take a good 20 minutes - don't forget to stir! After 20 minutes, the rice pudding will be thicker but still runny. And it should be! Because the Sütlac only gets its texture after cooling.

You can also leave the rice pudding to cook for longer. This makes it sweeter and gives it a caramel note.

Step 5: Remove the pan from the heat and stir in an optional sachet of vanilla sugar. 


Variant 1: Rice pudding with cinnamon recipe

Pour the finished rice pudding into small bowls and leave to cool uncovered at room temperature. Once the milk skin is firm on the surface, sprinkle the rice pudding with cinnamon. Enjoy cold.


Variant 2: Firin Sütlac recipe

Pour the rice pudding into heatproof bowls or souffle dishes. Place these on the top shelf of the oven preheated to 200 C/390 F. Bake the sütlaç until the surface caramelizes. Watch out! This can go quickly! Enjoy cold.

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