Sahanda Yumurta: Turkish scrambled eggs

turkish scrambled egg recipe

Until today, it hadn't quite occurred to us to blog super simple everyday recipes. But why not? After all, you have to learn everything for the first time. And maybe we even have a tip that will change your life. Who knows, maybe our Turkish scrambled eggs will become your go-to quick egg breakfast from now on? Maybe they'll even replace your beloved omelette... Who knows?


Joking aside, today we're showing you a really simple Turkish scrambled egg recipe. Of course, the fact that it is so easy to prepare doesn't detract from the delicious taste. As well as classic sucuklu yumurta (egg with sucuk), yumurta kapama (fried hard-boiled eggs) and menemen (scrambled eggs with tomato), Turkish breakfasts are sometimes just eggs in a pan. These are neither totally scrambled eggs nor fried eggs. Instead, the yolks and egg whites are not completely whisked, but they are not really fried either. The aim is a creamy egg pan with a little soft melted yolk.

Turkish scrambled eggs

The Turkish egg recipe is also eaten straight from the pan. Incidentally, this should not be a frying pan. Instead, a "Şahan*" is a small pan with two handles. It is traditionally made of copper. The sahan is simply placed in the middle of the table for a quick breakfast with an egg. Here, everyone takes a little bit of egg with their crumbled bread. This not only makes the Turkish scrambled eggs more communal, but also makes the eggs seem much more filling. Even if you calculate one egg per person, suddenly everyone can eat the whole breakfast from the pan. 


If you dip your bread in the slightly soft yolk and let the butter flavor soak into the crumb, it tastes particularly delicious. We therefore highly recommend that you enjoy our Turkish egg recipe in the traditional way with your partner and/or family.


But be careful: eggs with a fork only taste half as good afterwards!


Creamy and perfect: how to make Turkish scrambled eggs

At many points in life, you realize that you really never stop learning. After all, we all often prepare eggs for a quick egg breakfast. But there may be one trick that could turn your scrambled eggs  into a taste sensation. We learned this trick from our sister/sister-in-law.


For our Turkish scrambled eggs, the eggs should never be totally scrambled, but the yolks should only be pierced. A LOT of butter should also be foaming in the pan while the egg is left alone at a low temperature. Once the first layer is set, don't stir wildly, but make a cross through the egg with a wooden spoon. This separates the already set egg and cooks the part that is still raw. It is also important that you turn off the heat in good time for an incredible breakfast.


The egg should still be slightly runny at this point. This makes it particularly creamy.


Our Turkish egg recipe is a classic at the Turkish breakfast table and makes a delicious and quick breakfast with eggs. With a few tomatoes and bread - perfect.


And speaking of eggs...

there are SO many of them in Turkey. Market stalls with thousands of eggs in different sizes, carts driving through the streets with several packs of 30 selling eggs or even from the neighbor's chickens - there is really no shortage of eggs here. In fact, even in our narrow, crowded and built-up streetcar area in Istanbul, some people keep chickens. We can always hear the rooster at sunrise. Nearby, among all the residential buildings, there is also a preserved bungalow with a huge plot of land where chickens and geese are kept. In general, this property acts a bit like a street zoo. Lots of dogs always make themselves at home here, while in summer there are lots of baby cats romping around.


But now to our Turkish egg recipe...


Sahanda Yumurta: Turkish scrambled eggs


Ingredients for two people

  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • Salt
  • to serve: Pepper or Pul Biber
Turkish scrambled eggs


Step 1: Beat the eggs in a bowl and melt the butter in a small pan. Now carefully prick the yolks with a fork and pull them gently - do not stir! The butter in the pan should foam a little.

Step 2: Add the eggs to the pan and turn the heat to low. Let the eggs set for about 1 minute. The bottom part should now be cooked, while the yolks and whites are liquid on the surface.

Step 3: Make a cross in the pan with the wooden spoon so that the raw eggs reach the bottom of the pan. Repeat the step in 30 seconds if a lot of egg is still raw.

Step 4: When very little egg white is still liquid, turn off the heat. The remaining egg white should thicken and the yolk should be glossy.


Sprinkle the Turkish scrambled eggs with salt, pepper and/or Pul Biber. Enjoy the quick egg breakfast straight from the pan using pieces of bread as cutlery.

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